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200 metre-long tunnel found along Bangladesh-India border

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Indian police have discovered a two hundred-meter tunnel on the Bangladesh-India border. It is alleged that a tunnel was found in Balia area of ​​Karimganj district of Assam on Friday (January 1) while rescuing a kidnapped person. 

The report claims that the tunnel connects the Assam of  Indian state on one side and the Sylhet district of Bangladesh on the other.

Through the Karimganj district police, the Anandabazar Patrika said that the tunnel was being used for international smuggling including black marketing  and kidnapping.

According to the report, Dilwar Hossain, a resident of Shilua village of Nilambazar police station, was abducted by miscreants on Sunday. They later called his house and demanded five lakh taka and pressured to hand over the ransom  to  Elim Uddin, a  nearby resident of  Nayagram. 

Later, they repeatedly demanded the money  by calling from a Bangladeshi phone   number.

After that Dilwar Hossain’s elder brother rushed to Nilambazar police station and  alleged kidnapping of his brother on  last Wednesday. Police began an investigation. Dilwar’s family  repeatedly asked to reduce the ransom as the suggestion of the police, but the kidnappers did not agree.

Finally, Karimganj district police superintendent Mayank Kumar Jhan joined the investigation. Alim Uddin was already arrested. He was interrogated and found out about this tunnel.

When the news of Elim Uddin’s arrest reached the ears of the miscreants of the other side, they released Delwar.

After getting Dilwar Hossain released, he informed the police about all the incidents.

The police were also surprised to know about the 200 meter long tunnel in the forest. Because this tunnel was located in the deep jungle. A little farther on was the barbed wire fence of the border.

Dilwar, the victim of the abduction, said that the tunnel had a similar appearance at the end of Bangladesh. The miscreants regularly travel on this road. The smuggling trade is also occurred on this way. 

Karimganj District Superintendent of Police Mayank Kumar Jhan said the BSF had been asked to close the Indian side of the tunnel. He  also communicated with the BSF Commandant.  He added that everyone on the Indian side of the international kidnapping ring would be arrested soon. In the meantime, several people have been arrested and interrogated.

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