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New Covid-19 strain detected in Bangladesh: BCSIR

A new strain of corona virus has also been diagnosed in Bangladesh. This bears a resemblance to a new type of coronavirus recently found in the UK.

Scientists from the BCSIR, the Council for Science and Industry Research in Bangladesh, have confirmed the matter. Last month, BCSIR scientists tested 17 new genome sequences and identified strains of five new strains of the corona virus.

BCSIR Chief Scientific Officer of the Department of Biological Research, Dr. Selim Khan has confirmed the matter to the media. Dr. He told the media, ‘A new type of corona virus mutation was found in the country in early November. This new mutation comes to our notice while sequencing the genomes of five samples. Internationally, where genome sequencing data is submitted, we have seen similar mutations in Russia and Peru.

However, the mutations were observed in only one individual sample in each of the two countries.

“We’ve had such mutations in England since December 13,”- he said.
A mutation in a new feature corona virus found in the UK has occurred in the spike protein, called the P-681H mutation. The mutation found in Bangladesh is P-681-R. In the media.

Selim Khan further said that, the placement of mutation in UK and Bangladesh is the same. That is the matter of fear. For this reason, the characteristics of the virus in the UK are now being matched with our genome sequence. He also was hoping that the matter would be clarified in a few days. This new type of covid virus can alternate form from time to time, may give birth to a new virus. In addition, the new virus is 70 percent contagious.

The EU has already confirmed that the virus has infected several other countries, including Denmark, Italy, the Netherlands and Belgium. Therefore, all air and ground communication with the United Kingdom has been stopped. The country’s government has also announced the closure of the country’s border with France, especially in the transportation of goods.

Although no one in Germany has yet been infected with the new virus, the common people are terrified.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization (WHO) has advised the world to be aware of the new virus without fear.

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