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Popular actor Abdul Kader passes away

Popular actor Abdul Kader passes away

Popular actor Abdul Kader widely known as ‘Baker Vai”s ‘Bodi ‘ or ‘Mama’ of the fantavulous tv show ‘Ittyadi ‘ is no more. He died at a hospital in the capital on Saturday (December 26) morning. at the age of 69. (Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un).

The hospital authorities have confirmed the death. His death has forged a shadow of mourning on the showbiz arena.

Abdul Kader was suffering from cancer for a long time. The cancer spread to other parts of the body. As his condition was serious, he was rushed to CMC Hospital in Vellore, Chennai, India on December 8. However, due to low blood hemoglobin Indian doctors refused to give him any chemotherapy. It was impossible because of his serious physical condition.

He was later brought back to the country and admitted to the Evercare Hospital in the capital. His treatment was going on there. Eventually he went beyond all treatment.

A soul full of great excitement extinguished within a blinking of eye.

Abdul Kader became very popular by playing the role of ‘Badi’ in Humayun Ahmed’s play ‘Nobody Elsewhere’. He was also acclaimed for his role as ‘Dulabhai’ in Humayun Ahmed’s play ‘Nakshatra’s Night’. He has acted in many dramas, movies and TV shows.

Kader has also acted as ‘Mama’ for a long time in magazine programs “Ittyadi” directed by Hanif Sanket.

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