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Mushfiqur Rahim nearly punches Sylheti cricketer Nasum on field

Beximco Dhaka captain Mushfiqur Rahim has caused two nasty incidents in a row in the Bangabandhu T20 on Monday (December 14). Mushfiqur threatened his team’s left-arm spinner, Sylhety cricketer Nasum Ahmed with the ball in the eliminator match against Fortune Barisal on Monday afternoon. He was also about to hit him.

For the first time in 13 overs. Barisal left-arm middle-order Afif Hossain Dhruvo took the doubles after Nasum Ahmed’s ball.
The mid-wicket was empty in the fielding arrangement with more fielders on the offside. So, the wicketkeeper, Mushfiqur ran and tried to avoid doubles. Along with him, bowler Nasum also ran there. There was no backup at the bowling end. So Mushfiqur could not even throw the ball with his hand. And so he ran towards Nasum in anger.

The next time in the 16th over, this time Mushfiqur went to catch Afif after taking a short fine with the ball of fast bowler Shafiqul. At the same time, Nasum also came running towards the ball. Mushfiqur ran behind the wicket and took the ball in his gloves and saw Nasum running and rubbing his body. Instead of cheering and cheering, Mushfiqur got angry with his eyes wide open and tried to throw the ball to Nasum. However, he managed to pat himself on the back and encouraged him.

But the two scenes are very eye-catching. Everyone is disappointed to see such emotional and angry behavior from one of the top cricketers in the country.
At the end of the Dhaka-Barisal match, everyone’s question was, “Will Mushfiqur be punished for such unscrupulous behavior on the field?”

Match referee Rakibul Hasan was contacted but declined to comment. Simply put, in these cases the match referee does nothing. The decision was made on the basis of the report of the umpires. So let the umpires report first, then understand the situation and take action.
Mushfiqur will also be called after the umpires report and his past track record after questioning will also be scrutinized. If there is no eye-catching and unplayable behavior on the field before, then nothing will happen. If so, there may be fine.
If it wasn’t for international cricket, the whole cricket world would respond by now. In that case, Mushfiqur Rahim would fall in front of the cannon. There would be a storm of condemnation and criticism in the cricket world.

However, many have condemned Mushfiqur Rahim’s negative and unsportsmanlike behavior after watching it on TV. What is the way without telling? It is a reprehensible act to become a former captain of the national team and one of the most senior cricketers in the country at the moment and try to hit his teammate twice during the game!
Whether it’s on a team player or not, jumping on a teammate in a competitive event and throwing the ball at him is not at the level of player-friendly behavior at all.

It is to be mentioned that Nasum Ahmed, a cricketer from Sylhet, is playing for the Dhaka team in the ongoing Bangabandhu T20. He is a resident of Quarpar in Sylhet city.

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