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30 new Covid-19 strains identified in Sylhet

Researchers of the Department of Genetics Engineering and Biotechnology at Shahjalal University of Science and Technology have found thirty new mutated corona virus strains in Sylhet. 

Among these modified covid-19 viruses six are very uncommon. They do not exist anywhere in the world. And 24 are completely new in the context of Bangladesh however existing in other countries of the world.

Today on Tuesday (January 5) at noon, they have claimed this in a press conference in the conference room of the university’s vice-chancellor.

Assistant professor of the department of Genetics Engineering and Biotechnology, and a member of the Research Team GM Noor Nabi Azad Jewel stated at the press conference, “We collect corona virus samples from different territories of Sylhet division and sequence their genomes.

From there we have found a new mutation in the corona genome (Genome: 27862: Del: ATCAT) that has not been found anywhere else in the world before.”

Besides, 46 changes in protein levels were found by analyzing the genes of 10 samples of corona in Sunamganj and Habiganj. Among them, 30 modified corona viruses are completely new in Bangladesh. In the presidency of Vice-Chancellor Professor Farid Uddin Ahmed, at the press conference there was also present Treasurer Professor. Anwarul Islam, Dean of the Faculty of Life Sciences. SM Abu Sayem, Head of the Department of GEB. Professor Shamsul Haque Pradhan, Assistant Professor GM Noor Nabi Azad Jewel, PhD Research Fellow Nazmul Hasan and others.

In his speech as the president Vice-Chancellor Farid Uddin said, “We have launched the Corona Identification Lab with the university’s own funds. We are also doing research on the nature and spread of corona virus, which is a unique achievement of Shahjalal University of science and technology.”

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