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City Dwellers are at a Risk of Unplanned Development Work

Image: Collected. The place where the poet Abdul Baset Mohammad was injured.

The place has been blocked with red clothes tied on a few poles. The ongoing unprotected open drain is in the blocked space. A part of the drainage has been constructed on both sides and a few yards in the middle left unpaved. Such a scene was seen frequently in Ambarkhana point of the city. Last Thursday, falling into a drain to be built by Sylhet City Corporation prominent writer of folk verse and poet Abdul Basit died and after that, a warning was given on behalf of the constructing authority by pasting a red flag in this manner.

In addition to the Amberkhana area, at least eight areas of 27 wards of the city were surveyed on Friday (December 11th), the construction of drain is going in those areas without taking any safe measurement. There are huge holes left in places of the drain that is still under construction. Somewhere in these holes, water is stagnated, somewhere iron rods are out.

The passerby is walking along those dangerous under-construction drains. It is said by the passerby that there is the danger of falling into the drain if they are little careless.

Some businessmen of Amberkhana area have complained that the development work of the city corporation has been going on in this area for several months. As a part of this, the footwalls and roads have been dug up in a very dangerous way. No fence was given anywhere. As a consequence, passerby getting injured falling into the pit dug while walking in the dark at night. The local people are at risk of such unsafe development. This is an expression of the whimsical attitude and irresponsibility of the city corporation. The responsible authority should take the necessary steps as soon as possible for the public sake. In the Kumarpara-Shahi Eidgah Road area of the city yesterday afternoon, it was seen that some workers were digging the soil to build a canal. They were gathering the dugout soil on a side of the main road.
However, no enclosure was given in the dug part.

As a result, if it gets dark after the evening, there is a danger of the passerby falling in the part of the ditch. Nadim Ahmed, a resident of the Kumarpara area, said, “Development work is being carried out not only in Kumarpara area but also in some other areas.

Even they are very slow in some areas. For this, the suffering of citizens is increasing. Visible alarming signs or temporary fences should be provided at the construction sites for the safe and peaceful life of the town people.
In some other places of the city like Zinda Bazar, Subidbazar, Madina Market and nearby places also the construction works left unfinished.

Several victims have complained that the pedestrians are getting into an accident while walking through the left unfinished construction work.

Drainage widening and construction work in Majumdari area were completed a year ago. But in some places, empty parts still remain. They are very dangerous. Many are falling in these empty places, breaking their arms and legs, and getting seriously injured.

The death of the poet Abdul Basit Mohammad is also due to this unplanned and unsafe development. The city corporation cannot avoid its responsibility in any way.

According to the engineering branch of the city corporation, only 300 km of the 960 km of sewers in Sylhet city are paved. Outside of this, only 60 kilometers are open. At present, about 70 km of drains are being widened, constructed, and reconstructed at a cost of Taka 200 crore.

City Corporation Mayor Ariful Haque Chowdhury told, “No development work can be done unsafely and unsafely. All contractors have been instructed in this regard.

Strict action will be taken against those who disobey it. Development is not the last word, the safety of the city dwellers is our main concern, the contractors have to work keeping that in mind. ‘

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