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Rickshaw is being Banned on Bandar-Zindabazar-Chauhatta road!

Zindabazar is in the heart of Sylhet. The Court Point-Chauhatta Amberkhana road passes through Zindabazar. At the initiative of Sylhet City Corporation, this road is being arranged in the style of London road.

In the meantime, a 6 feet high grill has been set up in the middle of the road divider. Besides, marigold planting has started in the middle of the divider from Chauhatta area on Monday. As the days go by, the beauty of the road is attracting the city dwellers.

Meanwhile, rickshaw movement is being stopped as an initiative to make this road excellent. Rickshaws, carts and vans are being stopped on this street from January 1 to Court Point-Zindabazar-Chouhatta. Such miking announcement was seen in the town on tuesday on be half the City Corporation authority.

In this regard, the Chief Executive Officer of the City Corporation Bidhayok Roy told Sylhetview that this road is going to be an exceptional road of the city. For this, crucial steps have been taken to stop the motion of rickshaws.

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