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The temperature started decreasing, 15.5 in Sylhet

Gradually, the temperature started to decrease in Sylhet. It is decreasing every day by two degrees. It feels cold comparatively severe in Sylhet due to dense fog and imbalance of temperature between day and night.

Meteorological department informs that, there is a seasonal depression formed in the south of The Bay of Bangle and an extension of this pressure prevailing in the North of the Bay of Bengal. While, the extension of the sub-continental high-pressure zone spreads to Bihar and it’s adjacent areas.

As a consequence, there can be a temporary dry weather in Sylhet with partial clouds and a moderate to dense fog from late night to next mid-day.

Weather office source claims, today, Saturday (12th December), the temperature was 15.5 in Sylhet. It was 16.4 yesterday.

The temperature may start falling again from next 17th to 18th December. The meteorological office indicates that, at that time, there may blow a cold wave over the Sylhet zone for a week.

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