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Transport strike called off after sixty hours of public suffering

Transport strike called off after sixty hours of public suffering

The 72-hour transport strike has been called off twelve hours earlier than schedule to demand the opening of the stone quarry.

Abu Sarkar, president of the Sylhet District Truck Pickup-Covered Van workers Union, confirmed the information at 5:30 pm on Thursday (December 24). He said, every kind of transport can run from 6 pm on Thursday. We have called off the strike thinking of the people on the occasion of Christmas. And at the instant we are not giving any program.

However, after four or five days, we will sit in the meeting once more and take the next decision. The transport strike began on Tuesday demanding the opening of the stone quarry. However after the suffering of the last two days, today (Thursday) the situation has changed a lot.

After the CNG auto rickshaw strike, which was called off on Wed evening, a large number of CNG-powered auto rickshaws, Laguna’s and Minibuses were seen plying the roads since Thursday morning. Within the afternoon the strike scenario became normal. Ordinary people of Sylhet, who are harassed due to the strike, are furious. Many of the acutely aware citizens are openly saying that Sylhet residents have been taken hostage in the interest of some transport businessmen and labor leaders at the behest of quarry owners.

BELA said in an exceedingly statement that such a movement to open a closed stone quarry on the orders of the high court was tantamount to contempt of court.

Faruk Mahmud, President of Citizens for Good Governance Sylhet Chapter, Abdul Karim Kim, General Secretary of Bangladesh Paribesh Andolan Sylhet and Chamir Mahmud, Joint General Secretary of BELA Sylhet, demanded that action be taken against those who called for strike and supporters for contempt of court. they are repeatedly holding the common people of Sylhet division hostage for their own interests.

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