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Worker dies in Sylhet stone quarry

The stone quarries in Sylhet have been closed for a long time under the direction of the court. Yet the ordeal of stone-throwers has not stopped. Profit seekers involved in stone business  are forcing the helpless poor workers to lift stones by showing greed for money.

A stone worker named Kangsa Biswas was killed while extracting stones from a closed quarry. He died on Tuesday (December 29) at around 1pm after being crushed by a stone at Utma Quarry in Companiganj.

The deceased  Kangsa Biswas is the son of late Gopal Biswas of Jibanpur village in East Islampur of Companiganj.

Kangsa’s  wife Basanti Biswas filed a murder case in  the Companiganj police station at night. Whose No. 26, (Date- 29.12.2020).

In the case, 3 people were declared as defendants and 5-6 people were named as unnamed accused. Officer-in-charge of Companiganj Police Station KM Nazrul confirmed the information to Our correspondent.

He said that after the murder of the dead worker Kangsa Biswas, the police raided the area around Utma Quarry and arrested Badal Singh, the main accused in the case. He is the son of Kala Singh of Majhergaon village in Companyganj.

Police are continuing their operation to arrest the other accused in the case.

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