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Bangladeshi Tonima among 2020 Science News’ 10 Scientists to Watch

Tonima Tasnim Ananna. Courtesy: Eli Burakian/Dartmouth College

A young Bangladeshi women has taken a place within the list of prime 10 scientists within the world for analysis on Black Holes.

The young women named Tonima Tasnim Ananna is presently associated with Dartmouth College. She has drawn the most complete picture yet of black holes across the world – where they are, how they grow and how they affect their environments.

Ananna’s success was recently reported by a Washington-based media outlet known as Science News. On Sep thirty, they revealed a listing known as ‘SN Ten: scientist to Watch’. Wherever Ananna’s work is named ‘extraordinary research’.

This is the sixth time that Science News has revealed a listing of such scientists.

From an early age, Tasnim developed an interest in astronomy through her family. Since then, her interest in astronomy has been growing. From that interest she later studied the topic.

Tasnim completed her PhD in 2019. She has done internship at National Aeronautics and Space Administration and CERN before. She conjointly studied at Cambridge University for some time.

Science News essentially focuses on providing up-to-date data on science, medication and technology. The agency has been compilation a listing of young and old scientists for the past six years. This list includes scientists forty years of age or younger.

This time Bangladeshi Tonima Tasnim came about therein list.

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