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Hundreds of birds were killed by New Year fireworks

In the wake of the Corona outbreak, this time the English New Year has been  celebrated concisely. That is what created a hazard in Rome, the capital of Italy.

When the whole of Rome was intoxicated with the prospect of a new dawn, leaving behind the poisonous 2020, just then the joy of that expectation took the lives of hundreds of birds. And the country’s animal rights organizations have been blown away with anger.

The Guardian, Sky News and other international media outlets reported this news on Friday (January 1st).

Hundreds of Sterling birds were found dead  in the Rome’s main railway station on that joyful  night.

Many birds were injured. The cause of death of the birds that night is not yet clear.

But the International Organization for the Protection of Animals (OIPA) called it a “murder” and said severe sound pollution and fireworks were responsible for the deaths.

“They may fly together in fear and even die if they collide with each other. Again, they may have lost their way in fear and got stuck in a window or power line and died. They can also die of a heart attack.” – Said a spokesman for the organization.

He noted that fireworks cause injuries and deaths to pets and wildlife every year. The group claimed that the fireworks was made ignoring the curfew imposed by the government due to Corona.

The OIPA Italy branch has demanded a ban on the sale and use of fireworks to protect animals.

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