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The number of homeless people is increasing in Britain

According to the UK’s Office for National Statistics, there were 112 homeless people in England and Wales last year. This was reported by the UK based main stream Tabloid The Mirror.

According to the Office for National Statistics, 728 homeless people died in 2016, and the number of such deaths rose by 6.2 percent that year. The collection of such information started in 2013.

Among the homeless people who died last year, the average age of men was 45.9 and that of women was 43.4 years. In England and Wales, the average life expectancy is 76.1 years for men and 60.9 years for women. Last year, the number of homeless people in Britain was 27 in per million.

Polly Niett, chief executive of Shelters, said the data provided evidence of how a dangerous situation the homeless people are. This dangerous situation arose even before the corona virus epidemic. He said the crisis in the corona virus could become more dangerous. Many lost their jobs in the epidemic, and many homeless people suffered more in the harsh winter.

Last year, however, 37.1 percent of such deaths were due to drug addiction. In 2018, 30.2 percent of homeless people committed suicide. It was 86 in number. Last year this number increased to 112 people. Last year, 88.3 percent of such deaths were in men, which is 687 in number.

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